On Sunday March 19th at 2pm, you are invited to the CCFM for a performance by the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra.

During Francophone Month, the Centre culturel franco-manitobain and the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra have decided to collaborate to offer an exceptional celebration of our cultural roots through music. This collaboration is a unique opportunity for the two entities to come together to create a musical experience that celebrates our Francophone heritage, while showcasing local talent.

The special celebration will feature Ariane Jean, a francophone singer-songwriter, who is known for her haunting voice and unique style. She will be joined on stage by Dr. Henry and other local talent. Together they will perform a variety of original songs that celebrate the richness of our francophone culture.

The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra is a professional jazz band made up of talented and passionate musicians. Their music is known to be energetic, expressive and creative, perfectly reflecting the dynamism of the francophone music community. Their participation in this special celebration is a unique opportunity to blend genres and musical styles, creating an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Together, the CCFM and the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra have worked hard to create an event that celebrates our Francophone heritage while showcasing local talent. This unique collaboration has created a musical experience that brings together the Francophone and Anglophone communities, providing an opportunity for all to celebrate our shared culture. This event is the perfect opportunity for families and friends to come together to listen to music, dance and celebrate our cultural heritage.