On Saturday 25 March at 8pm, you are invited to Patio 340 to listen to the energy and talents of the group Blue Noise!

A few words about the artists…

Lee Wenaus, also known as Lady Lee, is a seasoned musician with over 25 years of experience playing rock, blues, and jazz. She is a prominent member of the band Blue Noise, which has performed in numerous clubs and venues in and around Winnipeg, as well as across Canada. Lady Lee is recognized for her rich vocals and great dance tunes, which have captivated audiences at The Windsor Hotel, The Museum of Man and Nature, The Pembina with George Reznik, The Emporium at Winnipeg Beach, The Edmonton Blues Festival, and The Winnipeg Blues Festival. She also recently collaborated with the Prairie Theatre Exchange for the remarkable theatre piece “Life, Death and the Blues,” featuring Devine Brown. Blue Noise has been the back-up band for many blues musicians at music jams in Winnipeg.

Deano Dean is a saxophonist extraordinaire who has played with all the great jazz and blues musicians, both nationally and internationally. His lifelong experience has made him one of the best in the industry, and he never fails to impress audiences with his performances with Blue Noise. Dean’s ability to produce low mellow rich sounds to incredible intricate highs and syncopated patterns is nothing short of exceptional.

Cam Patterson, born and raised in Winnipeg, is the amazing click-track man of Blue Noise. He has been playing drums since he was eleven years old and is the backbone of the band’s blues rhythm section. Cam is an excellent Blues, R&B, Rock and Roll drummer, having played and recorded in all genres of music, including original works, Hard Rock, Funk, and Country. His motto, “I’ll keep playing drums until I can’t carry them anymore – then I’ll get the singer to carry them,” speaks to his unwavering commitment to his craft.

Kerry Hanna is the ultimate Funk/Blues bass player with a distinctive drive. He is a force to be reckoned with, delivering swinging, jazz, blues, rock, and funk styles with ease. Kerry is a formidable player and a great driving force behind Blue Noise’s rhythm section. He delivers stand-out bass solos, subtle soft rhythms, and impeccable timing, completing the band’s rhythm section with remarkable synchronicity.

Gregory Polo is the lead guitarist of Blue Noise, delivering an ultimate crystal clear sound with screaming lead guitar solos. His attention to detail and technical precision is remarkable, ensuring that the band is always on the charts and doing what they do best. Whether it’s a quiet stormy Monday blues lick or a funked-up “thrill is gone” rhythm, Polo’s precision never misses a beat or note. His insistence on small grace notes is what keeps Blue Noise on top of their game.


Saturday 25 March 2023

Show at 8pm

Doors open at 6pm


Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre
Le Patio 340


Students & Seniors: $10 |General: $12

Tickets at the door or on the button above