Your weekly appointment for an open mic of musical theater every first Tuesday evening in the heart of Saint-Boniface!

Event open to everyone! Only singers must register!

We are so excited to be able to come together, IN PERSON, to bring you an open mic of musical theater! To celebrate, we want you to sing whatever you want! And we’re thrilled to kick off this edition by partnering with our friends at the Village Conservatory. This collaboration expands the scope of this event, both linguistically and in terms of the breadth of what an open mic can be!

Opening hours:

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Show 7:30 pm




Antoine-Gaborieau Hall
CCFM | 340 Blvd. Provencher

OCTOBER 4, 2022 – MUSIC OF THE NIGHT: Dark and scary songs!

NOVEMBER 1, 2022 – PIAF vs. PORTER: Celebrating the music of Edith Piaf and Cole Porter.

DECEMBER 1, 2022 – GOING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON: Songs that warm you up and make you feel good!

JANUARY 3, 2023 – NEW YEAR, NEW ME: Songs you were always afraid to sing in public!


MARCH 7, 2023 – BREL vs. BERNSTEIN: A celebration of the music of Jacques Brel and Leonard Bernstein.

APRIL 4, 2023 – CELINE DION vs. ELTON JOHN: The ultimate diva showdown!

MAY 2, 2023 – SECONDARY MUSICAL THEATRE: Songs from the musical you performed in high school.