Get ready for the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE on Friday night: Welcome to VENDREYAY – Improv & Party!

Imagine yourself immersed in the EPIC world of theatrical improvisation, where every Friday night from 8pm onwards, the magic happens! The Manitoba Improv League is in action, and you’re not ready for the dose of CRAZY LAUGHTER they’ll be serving up!

Teams compete for glory throughout the season in improv matches, but only ONE team will be crowned champion with the precious Cup!

So, if you’re looking to have the time of your life and have an INCREDIBLE time, join us every weekend at CCFM’s Patio 340 for an unforgettable evening at MIL!

But wait, the party doesn’t stop there! Starting at 9:30 p.m., we continue with KARAOKE, crazy games, trivia that will test your knowledge, and of course, other SURPRISES that will keep you awake until midnight and well beyond!

A brief history of the Ligue d’Improvisation du Manitoba :

Founded in 1990, the Ligue d’Improvisation du Manitoba (LIM) was largely inspired by the model established by the renowned Ligue Nationale d’Improvisation de Montréal (LNI). It consists of four distinct teams, each proudly displaying the colors of Green, Red, Yellow and Blue, with a roster of 6 to 8 players per team. The MIL stands out for its ability to combine fun with the discovery of real talent, creating fertile ground for spontaneous artistic expression.


LIM at 8pm

Party at 9:30 pm

doors at 7pm


Le Patio 340
CCFM | 340 Blvd. Provencher


Regular matches: General: $11 ($12 at the door) | Student $7 ($8 at the door)

Special matches: General: $13 ($14 at door)| Student $10 ($11 at door)


  • Friday, October 6 (free admission): Selection match & Vendreyay video game party
  • Friday, October 13: Bleus vs Rouges & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, October 20: Bleus vs Verts & Game Party
  • Friday, October 27: Reds vs Greens & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, November 3: Yellow vs Blue & Game Party
  • Friday, November 10: Special match “Whose line is it?” & Surprise party!
  • Friday, November 17: Yellow vs Red & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, November 24: Bleus vs Verts & Video game party
  • Friday, December 1: Bleus vs Rouges & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, December 8: Yellow vs Green & Party games
  • Friday, December 15: Long Impro & Party surprise!


  • Friday, January 5: Rouges vs Verts & Surprise Party!
  • Friday, January 12: Jaunes vs Bleus & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, January 19: Bleus vs Rouges & Game Party
  • Friday, January 26: Jaunes vs Rouges & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, February 2: Jaunes vs Verts & Game Party
  • Friday, February 9: Master of the Band special match & Surprise party!
  • Friday, March 1: Bleus vs Verts & Video Games Party
  • Friday, March 8: Rouges vs Verts & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, March 15: Jaunes vs Bleus & Game Party
  • Friday, March 22: Jaunes vs Rouges & Karaoke Party
  • Thursday, March 28: Special match – Duels and discoveries (DnD) & Bingo
  • Friday, April 5: Bleus vs Verts & surprise party! Songwriter’s night
  • Friday, April 12: Semi-final 1 & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, April 19: Semi-final 2 & Game Party
  • Friday, April 26: Special Match – Les étoiles & Karaoke Party
  • Friday, May 3: Final (Salle Pauline-Boutal)

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