The Art Gallery of the CCFM

Since its construction in 1974, the Galerie d’art du CCFM has brought together the community of art lovers and Francophone and Francophile artists. It is recognized as one of the oldest galleries for Francophone minorities in Canada and hosts numerous exhibitions throughout the year. Join us and be a witness to these great exhibitions, a breath of extraordinary, fantastical and inspiring creations.

Reopening of the art gallery on March, Monday 15, 2021,

Hours of operation: 

Monday > Friday: 9 am to 1 pm // 2 pm to 5 pm

Location: Main floor of the CCFM, just after the entrance to Stella’s


In accordance with sanitary measures, please present yourself at the CCFM reception desk upon your arrival, in order to complete the health questionnaire before your visit. Thank you for your understanding.

Conformément aux mesures sanitaires, merci de vous présenter au guichet d’accueil du CCFM à votre arrivée, afin d’effectuer le questionnaire sanitaire avant votre visite. Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension.

Our Exhibitions

The other is an invitation to five Manitoba artists, representing a contemporary generation that is redefining our culture, or rather our cultures. A generation that knows itself, that frequents itself, that celebrates itself, but that is diverse.

Each artist was asked to create an original work inspired by their peer who is evenly matched, but not the same, neither in medium nor in identity. Reza Rezaï was invited to work with Xavier Mutshipayi, Xavier Mutshipayi with Eric Plamondon, Eric Plamondon with Stéphane Oystryk, Stéphane Oystryk with Jen Funk, Jen Funk with Reza Rezaï.

In these freshly created works, do you see the traces of the other?