In partnership with the CCFM, you are invited: you, your family, your friends and your lovers to come to the show dedicated to Francophone humor!

Come and join in this evening of laughter as we celebrate our Francophonie at one of the best comedy festivals in the country: RIRE EN FRANÇAIS

This event will be held in the Antoine Gaborieau room of the CCFM (Le Patio 340 intérieur) and will be hosted by the engaging and extravagant Stéphanie Morin-Robert.

Martin Bruyère, Rachelle Elie, Micheline Marchildon, Michel Roy, Derek Seguin and JC Surette will also guarantee you a hilarious evening on stage.

Stéphanie Morin-Robert est une humoriste et artiste intermédia parfaitement bilingue, acclamée par la critique, qui tourne avec succès dans des festivals et des salles reconnus dans le monde entier, tels que ZooFest/Off JFL, Juste Pour Rire, Edgy Women, International Vault Festival, WildSide Festival, Chinook Series, Uno Fest, et bien d’autres encore. Ses prochaines tournées au Canada, en Europe et aux États-Unis (0-1 visa) démontrent son grand dévouement à partager son humour à l’échelle internationale.



Dates & times :

May 3rd 2023

Show at 7pm

Location :

Centre culturel franco-manitobain
Le Patio340 intérieur (Antoine-Gaborieau Hall)

Price :

“Pay what you can”

20 – Regular price
25 – A nice gesture
30 – To support the arts
35 – To support generously
40 – To support someone who can’t

JC Surette is fully bilingual with a style of pure stand-up comedy that is very efficient in both english and french. He has toured all over Québec, you may have seen him on television and has done a couple of festivals in France. He has performed stand up comedy across Canada and toured in Central America. He’s been on Sirius XM’s Canada’s top comic and JFL’s The Montreal Show. He recently opened for Sugar Sammy on his Canadian tour.

Go to his site


Don’t be fooled by her glamourous looks and sweet voice, Rachelle Elie’s edgy comedy will take you by surprise every time. Proud representative of Generation X and mother of two children she pretends to love, Rachelle has been perfecting her comedy for many years in English before taking the French-Canadian market by storm. After two years of french comedy she did ten ZooFest/OFF JFL shows, her first televised Juste Pour Rire Gala, and an outdoor JFL Gala in front of 10,000 people.

Michel Roy is a franco-manitoban who is a full-time teacher and part time comedian.

Michel was launched into stand-up at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival in 2003. Since then, Michel has been doing stand-up for nearly twenty years with 10 appearances at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, two television appearances on Radio-Canada and some sixty shows throughout francophone communities in Manitoba. He has participated in the Juste pour Rire Galas of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie and participated in the french TV show D’un Rire à l’Autre. Last fall, he gave the closing lecture at the provincial conference of Manitoba Francophone educators. He is a pillar at CCFM’s Rire Zone. Father of two children, son of two parents and husband of one wife, Michel remains sane by finding humour in all aspects of his life.

Well-established comedian and author in Manitoba for over 20 years now. He began his solo career in Quebec in 2001 and then formed the duo « 2 Gars S’essayent » in 2003 in Winnipeg. Two albums were released, “L’album brun” in 2003 and “Première tentative” in 2007. In order to keep  French comedy alive in Manitoba, Martin created “Le Rire Zone” in 2017, a collective of comedians who present comedy shows.



Micheline Marchildon is a Franco-Manitoban comedian, animator, voice director for cartoons, game coach and comedian with nearly 300 television episodes to her credit.
As a comedian, she has appeared in the shows Le Prochain stand-up, Trait d’humour, D’un rire à l’autre, Le sens du Punch, Le gala des rendez-vous de la francophonie as well as the gala Rire en français, produced by Juste pour rire.
With his show French’er hors Québec (F.H.Q!), his physical and self-deprecating humor bathes us in the “funny of the francophonie”.


Montreal-based Derek Seguin is one of the most sought after stand-up comedians on the international circuit. He has performed at the prestigious invitation-only Just For Laughs festival an impressive ten times as well as appearing numerous times at every other major festival in the country, making several television appearances along the way.

In 2015, GQ Magazine’s Comedy Editor reported about JFL that: “Montreal-comic Derek Seguin stole one of the most star-studded gala shows last year from host Whitney Cummings. This year, he appeared in The Nasty Show and proceeded to steal that too. A true star and Montreal’s pride and joy.” The Montreal Gazette enthused that: “Derek Seguin earned a standing ovation for his set during the ninth Just for Laughs gala … had me gasping for air, I was laughing so hard at the detailing of his second date with his Newfoundland girlfriend. … What made it great, however, was not the boldness of his material but that he described it all in such childlike wonder. Brilliant.”

He has appeared on CBC’s The Debaters more than 30 times and is one of the show’s fan favourites. Undeniably one of Canada’s hottest comedians, he fittingly walked away with the top prize of SiriusXM Canada’s Top Comic competition in 2015.