The CCFM and the Alliance Française du Manitoba,  unite to offer you a FREE MONTHLY SLAM event:


Just(e) Slam is a series of evenings dedicated to slam, declamations, performances, whisper, emotions, laughter, and oral and living poetry, offering a stage and open mic to all: francophones, anglophones, franglophones…!

Come and share your words in French and/or English and/or in any other language, and help build a community of poets. Our events are open to all.

Looking forward to listening to your voices and words!

Our evenings are hybrid, you can participate in face-to-face or virtual!

How to participate?

You don’t need to register to perform! Just step up at the beginning of the event or during the event when you feel like sharing your words. If you can’t be present in-person, no worries! Our event is hybrid, so you can connect via this Zoom Link below.

What are the rules?

In order to allow everyone to participate and connect in the universal Slam language, we have established some rules that we invite you to follow up:

  • Present a poetic performance of 3 minutes maximum! (To offer everyone the chance to express themselves for the same duration).
  • Your performance is a Slam-poem-text, read or recited! (The winners of the evening are the public + the poetry)
  • You have written the Slam-poem-text you are interpreting! (Bravo! A personal text will reach the public more than a borrowed text)
  • We favor the French language as a mode of expression and are always open to multilingualism! (If you wish to interpret a slam in another language, it is interesting to have information on the theme of your slam).
  • No music, no props, no disguises, just you and your text! You can even slam at two!
  • No style of poetry is privileged! (It’s a sharing above all)
  • A slam evening is a live show, the slammers honor the public with their presence! (For the vitality of our community)
  • A slam evening is an exchange of generosity, sensitivity, humility and respect! (Come and try as a spectator or slammer
  • Looking forward to welcoming many of you with your own poems.

Schedule: every last WEDNESDAY of the month from 7 to 9 pm

28 September 2022 at AFM

26 October 2022 at CCFM

30 November 2022 at CCFM

January 25, 2023 at CCFM

February 22, 2023 at AFM

March 29, 2023 at AFM

April 26, 2023 to CCMF

May 31, 2023 at CCFM (in the Empire Room at the Centre du patrimoine)

Meeting ID: 875 8096 0869
Secret code: 751429