The Patio 340 welcomes you and makes room for the “after parties” of the Festival du Voyageur: the APRÈS-FESTI ! We are expecting you at the Patio 340 on Friday February 24th from 10pm for a FREE Festi-challenge party!

A dress-up contest around the theme of Voyageur will take place and a reward will be given to the best style of the evening ! So, travelers with elegant or exuberant style, with or without fur, come dressed in your best finery !!

For this evening, the band Hold on Surely will provide the music for this beautiful dress style contest.

Join us at Patio 340, we will have fun for sure !

Hold on Surely

“While new to the Winnipeg music scene, Hold On Surely is quickly becoming a familiar name. As one of the hosts of Tuesday “Soul Nights” at the Toad Pub, H.O.S. has become known for delivering dance-inspiring grooves with a high level of musicality.”