The timeless magic of jazz comes to Le Patio 340 this summer on Sundays June 25, July 23 and August 20 at 7pm!

To beat the summer heat, join us for a refreshing and entertaining evening when Patio 340 opens at 5pm.

Accompanied by the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, our three francophone divas will offer you an authentic and captivating musical experience.

Reserve your seats now for this summer series of concerts at Patio 340, where jazz, francophonie and good weather will be celebrated in all their glory!

A few notes about the WJO…

The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra is a professional jazz band made up of talented and passionate musicians. Their music is known to be energetic, expressive and creative, perfectly reflecting the dynamism of the francophone music community. Their participation in this special celebration is a unique opportunity to mix genres and musical styles, creating an unforgettable experience for the audience.

Online ticketing will be handled by the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, beginning June 2.

For more information or to reserve your seats before that date, please call 204-632-5299

Our Francophone divas

As a bilingual vocalist and as a songwriter, Suzanne Kennelly loves to tell stories with passion, humor, and tenderness. Her voice, like chocolate, is rich and intense. Her first EP SUZANNE KENNELLY JAZZ was nominated for a national award (2019) and she will be releasing a brand new one very soon. She has performed at the Mardi Jazz (CCFM) and at the Winnipeg International Jazz Festival.

With Flora Luna, Geneviève Freynet brings her audience into a universe that is intimate, sometimes edgy, but above all, candid, assertive and resonant, much like her gaze and her voice.

Through her music, she evokes the calm before a prairie storm: an electric charge in the air, a brooding tension, an uncertain atmosphere.

Accompanying herself on the piano and the guitar, she sings pop-jazz melodies in both French and English effortlessly and with passion. With her captivating voice, she casts a piercing look at our times. Her creativity comes when everything is peaceful, and Flora Luna is the fruit of the nocturnal work of a brilliant artist who stands tall and is authentic.

Geneviève is the lead voice of the family duo, Freynet. She teaches singing and offers songwriting workshops. She loves everything about musical creation, from writing and arranging songs to recording and producing them. Without music, there would be an immense void in her life. Years of studies, scholarships, awards and accomplishments are not lacking. With Flora Luna, Geneviève introduces her audience to her secret garden.

Sala, also known as Ariane Jean, is poised, gentle. A pristine surface covering the ripples of an intuitive, emotional nature. The former member of Juno Award-winning Chic Gamine launched her solo project at the height of the pandemic and returns to release her second album Surface. A finalist at the renowned French language singing/songwriting competition, the Festival international de la chanson de Granby (Granby, QC) in the Interprète or performer/singer category, Jean/Sala is a former member of Award-winning vocal groups Madrigaïa and Chic Gamine. She has toured internationally with both groups and shared the stage with such acclaimed artists as JP Hoe, Begonia,Slow Leaves and Daniel Lavoie. Her intimate, sometimes melancholy jazz, ambient and pop-infused songs tell of anger and forgetting, of shedding one’s skin and escaping the everyday to find refuge in imaginary worlds. Like snapshots of specific moments in time, Sala’s lyrics lean toward the symbolic rather than the literal. She creates by taking in sensations and moods and translating them into images, layering lush vocals on which her airy soprano can soar. Her voice embodies all the agility, soul and refinement she possesses. She’s all about soft tones and subtle nuances. The result is moody, atmospheric music that evokes the introspection of foggy mornings and rainy afternoons. Sala’s first single Comme l’oiseau was released on May 15th 2020. Her second single Sala’s eponymous EP was released in October 2020. Her second record, Surface, is due in April 2023.