Art Workshops

Visual Arts Workshops

Through the programming of its Art Gallery, the CCFM provides students and teachers with educational workshops in visual arts offered by professional artists.

The workshops include:

  • Workshops led by professional artists whose works are exhibited in La Galerie du CCFM
  • The exploration of individual techniques and media or specific themes
  • Components of awakening, awareness, education and creation
  • An encounter with an artist where students explore their creative world and better understand their work
  • The works of the students are also displayed at the CCFM during the professional artist’s exhibit. Students and their families are invited to attend the opening. The works are returned to schools at the end of the exhibition


Target audience: grades 3 to 12
Number of participants: 20
Cost: $150
Duration: 2 hours
Required materials: the workshops take place at the CCFM and materials will be provided by CCFM


For more information or to reserve, call 204.233.8972 or email