For this very special edition of Santa’s Village 2022, the CCFM team wants to keep the magic of the holiday season alive for all the children in our Francophone community.

On film! Let your children live the Christmas magic!

Through virtual reality, we have recreated a fairy-tale universe, which gathers the essence of this flagship cultural program. At once playful, creative, entertaining and enriching, this interactive Christmas movie will amaze our cherubs.

Format: Christmas movie with interactive show, singing, dancing, Santa Claus and surprises (in French)

Time:45 to 55 minutes

Date: December 11th, 2022

Schedules: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Price: 10$

Location: Pauline Boutal Hall

Recommended age for children: 2 to 7 years

The virtual world of Santa’s Village transports you into the imagination and enchantment of childhood. As you enter, you are welcomed by Leo the elf puppet, who will guide you through the 4 adventures of the imaginary country.

The first epic takes place in an interactive show, linking puppet characters and actors, to undertake educational games.

The second quest is set to the music of Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner to make children sing and dance to Christmas melodies with the help of elves.

The adventure continues with a story told by Santa Claus about one of his reindeer. It will be punctuated by songs and dance guided by the elves Leo, Carine and Zara.

Before concluding and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Leo the elf invites the children to sit tight and open their eyes and ears to watch the puppet show “The Three Little Pigs”.

Segment 1: Educational games

(12 to 15 minutes)

Lutin Léo (puppet) and his friends Lutin Carine and Lutin Zara (actors) play games with the children. Youngsters will be encouraged to stand in a fixed place to move, stretch, listen, observe, guess and imagine.

The signal is conveyed to the students through 3 types of interactions:

1: Elf imagines

2: Goblin says

3: Goblin hides his gift

Interest of the games:
Focusing attention on a given signal; learning not to be influenced by outside factors and taking individual responsibility.


(12 to 15 minutes)

Lutin Léo invites Franco-Manitoban artist Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner to sing festive songs to the melodies of his guitar live from Santa’s Village.

As for the elves, they will teach dance steps to the children to make them move harmoniously to the rhythm of the songs.


(12 to 15 minutes)

Pascal is busy building a big snowman but would like his sister Julie’s help. He sends his friend, Knock Knock the woodpecker, to deliver a message, with the promise of a surprise. Knock Knock leaves at high speed. When he arrives at Julie’s house, Knock Knock discovers that she is looking for her mittens and offers to help. Without success, Julie comes out with socks on her hands instead of mittens. On her way out, followed by Knock Knock, Julie discovers that her mittens are on the snowman’s arms. Angry that Pascal took her mittens without permission, she throws a snowball and breaks the snowman’s head. Pascal is sad, so to cheer him up, Julie, with the help of Knock Knock, tries to put a new head on the snowman. But all the things she finds to replace the head don’t work. Julie blames Knock Knock for his clumsiness. Pascal has an idea, and decides to replace the snowman’s head with a watermelon and asks Knock Knock for help. Toc Toc resists but is convinced by Pascal with another promise of a surprise. After helping Pascal, Toc Toc asks for his surprise, but Pascal is too busy to give him an answer. With sadness Knock Knock leaves the stage. When Pascal realizes that Knock Knock is no longer there, Julie realizes that they have hurt their friend’s feelings and that they need to fix the situation.

After several calls and a little game to convince him to come out of hiding, Pascal and Julie apologize for their behavior. They finally give Knock Knock a nice big surprise… The watermelon.


(12 to 15 minutes)

Leo the Imp introduces Santa Claus who comes to sing and dance with the students. Elf Josée and Elf Carine are invited to help him. Then Santa gives a special message and encourages the students to send him their letter.

Songs with actions: Interest in dances: Acquire dance steps, imitate a simple movement pattern, and have fun moving to the music

1: When Santa Claus comes to visit

2: Santa Claus Dances the Hokey Pokey

The lyrics will be at the bottom of the screen, karaoke style, so the kids can sing along.