Rhayne Vermette Projections

Films taped together, catalogues of abandoned pictures… Rhayne Vermette’s works immerse you into a ensemble of images deconstructed and sewn back together, where the materials used are palpable. Through a series of outstanding collages, the artist and filmmaker put under the microscope the infinite ways to compose in a frame, each of them a new world to explore.

Self-taught artist Rhayne Vermette made her own path through diverse explorations into cinema and photography. Her work includes a volume of animated and analogue images, and more than 20 short films. These works are the result of an experimental process involving pictures deconstructed and reconstructed, and an overall desire to explore the ways films can be made and tell a story.

Her films have been featured at many events, such as the Images festival, the Jihlava international film festival, the Festival du nouveau cinéma, the Festival européen des arts médiatiques, DOXA, the Melbourne International Animation Festival and more recently, a retrospective at the TIFF in 2019.

In 2016, Rhayne received the Hot House award, created by the Winnipeg Film Group, which highlights the career of a filmmaker established in Manitoba. This award supported the creation of her first feature film, Ste Anne, which is currently in production.

The exhibition “Projections” at the CCFM includes films projected on the gallery’s walls and her original collages.

OPENING NIGHT: October 11, 6 pm, CCFM Art Gallery.
With DJ sets by Damien Ferland and Tony Neu
Free admission!

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Rhayne Vermette Projections

October 11 – December 9
CCFM Art Gallery
340 Provencher Blvd.