Each year, the Centre culturel franco-manitobain presents a variety of activities for youth of all ages. The youth shows are aimed at both Francophones and young people in immersion. We want to give young people, whatever their level, the opportunity to develop their French while having fun and learning more! These shows are an opportunity for your children to practice the language outside the school walls, in a fun and educational setting, and to attend shows. Year after year, we offer shows and activities presented by professional artists, selected by our team for their educational qualities.

Pomelo is a tiny pink elephant, born under a dandelion in a garden. With humor and sensitivity, Pomelo discovers the world around him, before experiencing a shock: the arrival of autumn, then winter! In love with his garden, sad at the sight of strawberry plants that are collapsing, amazed at a snowflake, Pomelo proves to be the very incarnation of childhood.

This new production by Ombres Folles is an ode to nature and the cycle of the seasons, which allows us to see things die and then be reborn, which turns us upside down from one extreme to the other. Thanks to shadows, live music and the diffusion of scents, Pomelo will be an enchanting and enveloping experience!

Dedicated to ages 3 and up, our theatrical adaptation of Pomelo will use contemporary shadow theater and tabletop puppetry to tell the adventures of the little elephant. In order to awaken the tactile mind of young spectators, while stimulating their imagination, we will use the dramatization of animated cardboard works (pop-up), while playing with a contemporary form of paper theater and material theater.

In an immersive form, shadows, live music with augmented double bass and the diffusion of scents will create an enveloping and enchanting experience! Without words, the show will let the images and the music tell the story.

This new production by Ombres Folles is an ode to nature and an exploration of cycles and changes. The cycle of the seasons will be particularly developed, as it allows us to see things die and then be reborn, and it shakes us from one extreme to the other.

Love will also be a central theme in Pomelo: how do we fall in love, can we love our garden as we love our parents, why does love change and how? When do we start to miss what we love, where does this lack that we feel come from? All these questions will allow the creation of a sensitive work that will touch both children and their adult companions.

The dramaturgy of the show follows the line drawn in the book “Pomelo is in love”: with a lot of humor and sensitivity, Pomelo is first defined by what surrounds him and what he loves, then he experiences a disappearance (the sudden arrival of autumn), before letting himself be surprised by the transformations of his world and adapting to them with creativity.

Resilience, quick-wittedness and friendship are the order of the day in this new opus of Ombres Folles!

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