Mardi Jazz - Impressions Jazz Group

For this edition on the theme “Rhythm & jazz”, we propose the group Impressions Jazz Group.

Impressions Jazz Group is an eclectic jazz ensemble that performs original compositions by Daniel Hollenberg, saxophonist, composer and group leader. This creative ensemble is influenced by a diverse mix of musical and cultural traditions that give the group its unique sound. From the jazz world, compositions played by the group draw from bop, avant-garde, blues, and modal jazz. Although the “jazz language” is the primary musical medium or foundation through which the group’s music is expressed, compositions are also inspired from diverse traditions including Australian Aboriginal, South Asian, Jewish and West African. The music creates a rich musical tapestry that inspires improvisation. The energetic and inspirational sound of the group’s music is also readily accessible to those unfamiliar with jazz, lending the group wider audience appeal. As noted by its group name, the main musical concept is that music is not a fixed phenomenon, but reflects only impermanent “impressions” of sound and rhythm that are constantly changing and “in flux”.

If you want to know more about the artist, nothing better than to come to his concert in the beautiful Antoine Gaborieau’s hall!

Hope to see you there!


« Rythm & jazz »


 Tuesday November 22nd

Show at 8pm

Doors open at 7pm


Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre
Antoine-Gaborieau Hall


Students & seniors: $10 |General: $12

Tickets at the door or on the button above