In our art gallery, the works of Chase Martin will captivate you and invite you to dive into a deep reflection on the evolution of art through the ages and mediums. Each canvas presents an opportunity for visual and intellectual exploration, creating a space where traditional and digital art intertwine in striking ways to capture the imagination and fuel reflection.

The artist has created the ‘Ideal Line’, a form of creation that has evolved from a near-digital aesthetic to one in constant transformation. By incorporating familiar elements, such as realistic clouds and horse legs, while following this singular line, the artist has captured the essence of a digital aesthetic.

The artist will immerse you in a captivating experience, masterfully exploring the subtle interplay between digital aesthetics and the traditional expression of painting. The canvases that come to life under his deft fingers embody the harmonious convergence of patterns and visual elements, creating a visual fusion that evokes the aesthetic of a carefully crafted digital collage. This skilful artistic juxtaposition gives rise to a profound illusion, where images seem to float in suspension, creating a visual space of haunting depth, a world that is both tangible and ethereal.

Dates and times :

September 21 – December 14, 2023


Thursday, September 21 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Q&A session with the artist – 6:30 pm


Monday to Friday

9am – 1pm | 2pm – 5pm

Location :

CCFM Art Gallery

The centerpiece of his work, entitled “Ligne Idéale”, serves as the conceptual fulcrum of his approach. Inspired by digital lines derived from drawing tools on platforms such as Snapchat and Microsoft Paint, this creation embodies formal perfection. The artist is deeply convinced that these digital lines have been intentionally designed to capture the perfect essence of the line. Unalterable in their dimensions and saturation, they end with striking precision in impeccable semicircles. In this way, the artisanal inaccuracies of hand-drawing are transcended by digital language.

Each of his works is a window onto a new artistic perspective, a vibrant dialogue between the rich heritage of traditional artistic expression and the infinite opportunities offered by digital technology. The artist creates a space where the artistic past and future come together to offer an exceptional visual experience. Each piece is meticulously designed to explore this complex relationship, celebrating the harmony between human creativity and the limitless horizons that technology can offer.

Chase Martin is a multi-disciplinary artist whose focus on painting explores ways of integrating digital aesthetics into the material, painted image.

In 2019 Chase exhibited a series of large-scale pencil drawings for his first solo exhibition, Off my Fridge. In 2020, he participates in Wall to Wall: Mural and Cultural Festival, creating a mural for Wannabe’s Diner. In 2021, he will present a collection of paintings for his solo exhibition, “is a bird is a plane is a man” at La Maison des Artistes. Chase received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from the University of Manitoba in 2021. He works as an installation technician for La Maison des Artistes Galerie.

With support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Winnipeg Arts Council, he is currently developing a new body of work from his studio in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, Treaty 1.