Dr Henry Band

Show cancelled

A bewitching Afrobeat sound!

Four Winnipeg musicians and friends are the brains behind the dynamic and energetic Afro fusion jazz group, Dr. Henry Band. Each member brings years of musical experience and is distinguished by their African heritage and the infusion of Afrobeats into their music.

All coming from West Africa, specifically Nigeria, they love to bring communities together for a humanistic re-connection, to celebrate life in all its splendor. They use their music as a medical prescription to the audience to awaken the great spirit of hope, joy and love in them.

The songs played by the members of the group reveal their backgrounds, stories and experiences. Their songs are base on the themes of: Love, family, wealth, moral and physical health and festivities.

Dr Henry Band

Saturday, November 7th, 2020
8:00 pm (Doors 7:30 pm)

$20 General Admission | $15 Student
Pauline-Boutal Hall
Centre culturel franco-manitobain

A show organized in partenership of  “la Semaine Nationale de l’Immigration Francophone.”