Coup de coeur francophone

Coup de Coeur Francophone: October 27, 28 & 29, 2022

Founded in Montreal in 1987, Coup de coeur francophone is a festival dedicated to the discovery and circulation of the song in its many expressions.

Presented each year in November in Montreal as well as in nearly 45 Canadian cities, it brings together artists from the national and international scene in a program focused primarily on emergence, boldness and creation.

For this year, the CCFM is offering three major shows with:

Alpha Toshineza & Yao: October 27th at 7:30 pm

Andrina Turenne & Jocelyne Baribeau: October 28th at 7:30 pm

Vincent Vallières & toulouz: October at 7:30 pm


CCFM – Jean-Paul Aubry Hall

340 Provencher Boulevard


Shows: Friday, October 27th | Saturday, October 28th | Sunday, October 29th – 7:30pm



The ticket sales end on the day of the show at noon. However, tickets can be purchased on site (while supplies last).

Alpha Toshinez

Alpha Toshineza is the ambassador of francophone rap in Manitoba. His latest album “Triple A” was nominated for best rap and francophone album in 2019. A true poet who makes words dance on a variety of breakbeats, Alpha will have the honor of opening the summer of 2022 with a selection of his best songs.

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Kintsugi – la beauté dans le chaos…

Between slam, soul, funk and afro sounds, YAO explores the themes of pain, resilience and hope in this personal and therapeutic show. Inspired by his new album of the same name (Kintsugi), he uses his talents as a lyricist and performer to transform his life wounds into a sensory, poetic and musical immersion.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold – transforming the cracks, and the object itself, into a stronger and more beautiful work of art.

From the idea of making a “kintsugi of man”, this show will take you through intimate moments of fragility, vulnerability and introspection; sometimes raw, sometimes abrupt, but always true and authentic.

After his last show NOMADE (from the album LAPSUS), presented more than 150 times in 7 different countries, and awarded “Show of the Year” at the Gala Trille Or 2019, YAO offers you a little beauty in the chaos with KINTSUGI.

Design : YAO

Scenography and direction: YAO, Gaële & Didier Lucien


Andrina Turenne is a Franco-Manitoban Métis artist from Saint-Boniface. Her love of music dates back to her childhood when she learned to sing around the campfire with family and friends. A singer, songwriter and musician, she has been in the music business for over 20 years. She has appeared on nearly 50 albums, toured five continents and has been featured on TV and radio in Canada and internationally. Formerly of the group Chic Gamine, Andrina Turenne has been thriving as a solo artist since 2016. Her music has also found an important place in the world of theater: She has performed several of her compositions in Gabriel Dumont’s flamboyant epic Le Wild West Show in 2017-18, as well as in the musical cabaret L’article 23 and its sequel in 2021. The singer was also invited to participate in the swearing-in of the Governor General in July 2021, in Ottawa, where she delivered a performance that crossed the country’s screens. In the winter of 2022, thanks to a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, she completed a 4-month creative residency in Louisiana to compose new works while collaborating with local artists. In the fall of 2022, she will release her first bilingual album of original compositions, in addition to a French EP.

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Jocelyne Baribeau

With her touching and pure voice, Jocelyne invites us to be carried away by her sparkling tunes and tender ballads. In a style with shades of contemporary folk and a touch of pop-country, her dynamic and animated presence is also tinged with intimacy and emotion. Jocelyne Baribeau’s songs are thoughtful and honest. They reflect the core of her being, a perfect blend of sweet and sour.

Originally from Manitoba, Jocelyne grew up surrounded by music. A collaborator and entrepreneur by nature, Jocelyne has developed, over the years, a series of musical projects that have contributed to her evolution as an artist. She first worked in the world of opera and classical music, then launched her solo adventure with a project for children under the pseudonym Madame Diva, which was a resounding success.

A woman of varied experiences, Jocelyne has come a long way since her debut.  Her first solo maxi-disc Entre toi et moi won the Francophone Artist of the Year award at the 2016 Western Canadian Music Awards. Since then, recognition from her peers has been confirmed with nominations at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Gala Country, ROSEQ awards, Contact West, Folkfest and Manitoba Discoveries.

She has opened for Alexandre Désilets and the Sœurs Boulay. Many of the songs in her repertoire have been covered and adapted by choirs and symphony orchestras. An active member of the musical community outside of Quebec, Jocelyne regularly shares the stage with other artists in double bill and in creation such as Stef Paquette, Anique Granger, Ariane Mahryke Lemire and Alexis Normand. She was Patrick Norman’s guest on the national TV show Pour l’amour du country.

Viencent Vallières

Toute beauté n’est pas perdue

Vincent Vallières solo! Let yourself be carried away by Vincent Vallières who will be alone on stage, close by, in your ear, with the songs that are part of your story. The concert will leave room for discussion and exchange.

A show in the image of this essential Quebec singer: unifying, lively and authentic.

With a twenty-year career, seven outstanding albums and three Félix awards-including Performer of the Year-Vincent Vallières draws on his impressive repertoire to take you on a journey. And he doesn’t hesitate to let you discover new songs from his album, to be released in February 2021.

Flora Luna

Flora Luna sait évoquer, à travers sa musique, l’exaltation que l’on ressent juste avant un grand orage dans un pré manitobain : la charge électrique dans l’air, la tension contemplative et l’humeur changeante. 

Avec Flora Luna, Geneviève s’ouvre à elle-même. L’univers de Flora Luna est intime, parfois fébrile, mais surtout franc, assumé et résonnant, comme son regard et sa voix. 

S’accompagnant au piano, elle chante sans effort et avec ferveur ses mélodies de musiques folk pop. Avec sa voix exquise, elle offre un regard acéré sur notre époque. Sa créativité lui vient quand tout est paisible, et Flora Luna est le fruit du travail nocturne d’une artiste brillante qui se tient droite et authentique.