Coup de coeur francophone

Coup de Coeur Francophone

Friday, March 12, 2021

Founded in Montreal in 1987, Coup de coeur francophone is a festival dedicated to the discovery and circulation of the song in its many expressions.

Presented each year in November in Montreal as well as in nearly 45 Canadian cities, it brings together artists from the national and international scene in a program focused primarily on emergence, boldness and creation.

For this year, exceptionally, the CCFM proposes a triple set in a unique virtual evening with:





Friday, March 12, 2021 – 8 PM



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Subtil and sensual

Sala, also known as Ariane Jean, is poised, gentle. A pristine surface covering the ripples of an intuitive, emotional nature. The former member of Juno Award-winning Chic Gamine returns after a 4-year hiatus to take her first steps as a solo artist.

A finalist at the renowned French language singing/songwriting competition, the Festival international de la chanson de Granby (Granby, QC) in the Interprète or performer/singer category, Jean/Sala is a former member of Award-winning vocal groups Madrigaïa and Chic Gamine. She has toured internationally with both groups and shared the stage with such acclaimed artists as Marc Broussard, JP Hoe, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Daniel Lavoie and Royal Canoe.

Her intimate, sometimes melancholy jazz, ambient and pop-infused songs tell of anger and forgetting, of shedding one’s skin and escaping the everyday to find refuge in imaginary worlds. Like snapshots of specific moments in time, Sala’s lyrics lean toward the symbolic rather than the literal. She creates by taking in sensations and moods and translating them into images, layering lush vocals on which her airy soprano can soar. Her voice embodies all the agility, soul and refinement she possesses. She’s all about soft tones and subtle nuances. The result is moody, atmospheric music that evokes the introspection of foggy mornings and rainy afternoons. Sala’s eponymous EP was released in the fall of 2020.

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Bilingual funky groove 

ut simply, Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds are new-age fosterers of soul music. But this is their kind of soul, with a uniquely Canadian twist. Hailing from St Boniface, the old French quarter of Winnipeg, they have crafted their identity as bilingual artists with their upcoming 10-song album release entitled Cruel. It will be their first full length LP, infusing fun-loving songs about amour and heartbreak in a mixture of both English and French, serving as an authentic representation of the languages they speak at home.

Manitoba’s French media have been following lead singer-guitarist Jérémie Brémault since his emergence onto the music scene. With no prior performing experience or musical training, he won “St. Boniface Idol” in 2013, relying solely on his natural singing talent. Jeremie thus discovered his passion for music and started his own band by hand-picking his favorite musicians from the local scene. The funky frontman assembled a full 8-piece band and they’ve been cooking up dance floors all across Canada ever since.

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Dr. Henry Band

An captivating afrobeat !

Four Winnipeg-based musicians – and friends – are the brains behind the vibrant and energetic Afro fusion jazz band, Dr. Henry Band. With each member bringing years of musical experience, they are able to dabble in various music styles. They’re distinguished by their African heritage and the infusion of Afrobeats into their music. Dr. Henry Band believes in growth and building artists, which is why they use their platform to promote artists from different musical genres. They have played for well known local and international artistes, hosted shows, and have performed on stage at popular events. You can catch them playing at your favourite local restaurants, bars, events, and festivals.