The Centre culturel franco-manitobain (CCFM) is preparing to commemorate half a century of inspiration and artistic flourishing. Building on its rich heritage, the CCFM is opening its doors to a year of exciting celebrations, honoring its rich past and promoting francophone cultural diversity.

From evenings of spellbinding music to striking film screenings and lively comedy shows, each planned event embodies the very essence of creativity and cultural exchange.

With this anniversary year, the CCFM continues to shine as a beacon of francophone culture, offering its community an unforgettable cultural experience!


The opening of the CINQUANTE exhibition was a veritable explosion of creativity and enthusiasm. Our gallery was transformed into a vibrant place of celebration, honoring the history and evolution of art since its original opening in 1974. Then, the first edition of the annual Winterruption festival with WECC featured local and international artists. Then, during the Festival du Voyageur, the Après-Festi at Le Patio 340 (Salle Antoine-Gaborieau) extended the joy and excitement, offering you the opportunity to continue exploring and enjoying more local performers.



In March, the first edition of a $10,000 short film competition presented by RBC will take place at the CCFM in partnership with On Screen Manitoba. This artistic initiative aims to encourage creativity and showcase local and francophone talent in the film industry.

On Jazz Tuesday, March 12, in collaboration with the WECC, the CCFM will welcome national artist Huu Bac, who will offer an original, harmonious musical evening rich in cultural influences, in keeping with the CCFM’s tradition of quality events.


On April 11, it’s Le Rire Zone, a show featuring local comedians who have taken the time to concoct their acts in 50th anniversary style.

Then, on April 19, Laurent Roy’s gigantic “50 ans de musique” concert offers audiences a captivating musical retrospective, with more than 20 francophone artists on stage.


In June, Saint-Boniface Célèbre with a series of events, uniting the community in recognition of the cultural heritage and impact of the CCFM. So, from June 20 to 23, a varied program including a great comedy show by Jay du temple (also in partnership with the Conseil Jeunesse Provincial for their 50th anniversary). Finally, a community matinee, a day in honor of aboriginal culture, a day dedicated to music and a family day organized by Théâtre Cercle Molière.

But let’s not go into all the details… This year’s line-up has some surprises in store for you right through to December, so keep your eyes open, and don’t miss the chance to discover these surprises on our social networks too!