La Galerie du CCFM

Herménégilde Chiasson

Exhibition March 15th to Mai 18th  

Transparenc(i)es is an exhibition born of a work on the idea to produce traces using many drawings on a single surface, piling up like graffiti to create a texture or palimpsests stretching on successive layers to give the archaeology of sorts of the creative concept.

These are large format works, as far as drawings are concerned, and they stand like frescoes on the fragility of paper advocating the autonomy of a form of art that, traditionally, was devoted to the preparation of more major and definite accomplishments.

As a writer/visual artist, drawing is particularly suited to the artist’s liking since it uses the same instruments used to write.

This exhibition is joining together many drawings establishing a dialogue through the transparencies of their superimposition.

The medium used here is soft pastels, an ancient technique who, in our day and age, might look outdated, but in the case of this project, takes its full meaning in the complex way to merge various aspects in order to leave linear traces.

Drawing is undoubtedly, like voice, a medium whose practical and common availability, allows us to take notes on a small or large scale.

At a time when we are inundated with means much more efficient in the production of images, drawing stands as a poetic and approximative enterprise, reconciling us with an intense way of looking at and translating in lines the world around us.