Our Resident Groups

The Centre culturel franco-manitobain houses many cultural groups that contribute to the cultural and artistic vitality of the Franco-Manitoban community. They are :

Le Cercle Molière
La Société historique de Saint-Boniface
L’Alliance chorale Manitoba
La Chorale des Intrépides
Le 100 Nons
Envol 91,1
Le Conseil Jeunesse Provincial
Les Éditions du Blé
L’amicale francophone multiculturel du Manitoba inc.
Freeze Frame

Le Cercle Molière
Canada’s oldest theatre company offers five major productions every year and a school program.
Téléphone : 204.233.8053

La Société historique de Saint-Boniface
Founded in 1902, the SHSB’s mission is to conserve and promote francophone and métis heritage in Western Canada, particularly in Manitoba. It administers the adjoining Heritage Centre designed to house over 250 years of cultural and historical documents and resources.
Téléphone: 204.233.4888. Website: www.shsb.mb.ca

AllianceChoraleMBL’Alliance Chorale Manitoba
A provincial federation which regroups the province’s francophone choirs.
Téléphone: 204.233.7423

Chorale des intrepidesLa Chorale des Intrépides
To be a member of the Chorale des Intrépides is a way of expressing one’s love of song and music!
                                 Telephone : 204.233.7423

100nonsLOGOLe 100 NONS
An organization dedicated to the development of local francophone singing and song-writing talent. The 100 nons produces many live shows every year at the Centre culturel franco-manitoban and in schools throughout the province.
Telephone: 204.231.7036. Website: 


envol logo_compressedEnvol 91,1
Western Canada’s first community-owned FM radio station which began broadcasting in the fall of 1991.
Telephone: 204.233.4243. Website: www.envol91.mb.ca


cjplogoLe Conseil Jeunesse Provinciale
The Conseil jeuness provincial (Cjp) inc. is Manitoba’s francophone youth association. Through our initiatives, we encourage and enable Manitoba’s francophone youth to be more active within the community.
Telephone: 204.237.8947. Website: 

Éditions de bléLes Éditions du Blé
Founded in 1974, this editing house is the first French language publisher in Western Canada. It publishes the works of most of the major francophone authors.
Telephone: 204.237.8200. Website: www.ble.avoslivres.ca


amicale_de_la_francophonie_multiculturelleL’Amicale de la Francophonie Multiculturelle du Manitoba inc.
The Amicale de la Francophonie Multiculturelle du Manitoba (AFMM) is a non-profit organization that brings together Francophones from diverse backgrounds (Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas) who settled in Manitoba.
Telephone: 204.989.0399. Website: www.amicalefrancophone.com


PrintFreeze Frame
Freeze Frame is Manitoba’s Media Arts Centre for Young People. The Centre is a not-for-profit and charitable organization, offering workshops and programs throughout the year, and organizes the International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages each spring.
Téléphone : 204.949.9355. Site web : www.freezeframeonline.org