Artist: Yanick Sasseville

May 19 to July 28, 2016

Opening night Thursday, May 12 at 5 PM

In La Galerie du CCFM, free



On his work La trahison des images [the treachery of images]: “The pipe in the painting is an image of a pipe rather than a real object we can touch.”— René Magritte

Exile initially expressed the need to escape and flee something permanently or temporarily; the escape is voluntary, and sometimes not. The exhibition set out to tell the story of the millions of people who are forced to uproot their lives to survive. People sometimes choose to change countries in the hopes of having a better life. At a time when reality is not only shaped by the person living it, but is also the product of the media transmitting it, choosing which version of reality to believe is increasingly a challenge.

For the current exhibition, the aim has evolved into something more personal: people naturally question themselves, seeking out new territories in which to settle and grow as human beings. Along with Exile: Journey to the center of the earth relays the same themes while incorporating those of our impact on the environment, our legacy to future generations and this body of work’s recurring theme of our own mortality.

The centrepiece of the False reality exhibition is a large-scale installation composed of a flock of origami cranes spanning the gallery and heading towards a “window” hung on the adjacent wall. They strive to reach that elusive Eden and collide with the piece, which is merely a representation of the real thing.

The migration is like a huge wave, with a heightened driving sensation that maximizes the perceived power of attraction of nature on the birds.

The ephemeral medium of paper reflects the fragility of our own existence and our mortality. The use of paper cranes suggests naïveté, candour and innocence.


Multidisciplinary Artist, born in Montreal in 1977. Initiated to art and music while very young, I developed quickly my interest and my talent for visual arts.

During my studies, I experimented with different media and mediums. I created with much zeal a number of sketches and pieces in pencil and ink. My taste for experimenting has lead me to a specialization in graphic design. Only after my studies ended (1996), did I start painting more seriously, working with oils, my medium of choice at the time.

In 2004, after befriending artist Marc Lincourt, I realized that figurative art had become an obstacle to my artistic expression.



As an artist and a collector, I accumulate, archive, appropriate, create and transform. Despite an ongoing need to communicate, I am not interested in the idea of producing series of works.

Building on the principle that art is first and foremost a medium of communication, my work begins when an idea hits me after seeing, reading or hearing something…

Places often ignite that spark in me. The dialogue between the works and a given location (and even between the works themselves) plays a very important role in my art. A work’s meaning can be considerably altered by its surroundings. I choose to use bigger pieces and installations to explore my subject.

By filling a space with my work, I seek to engage other senses than sight. I believe that art should challenge all of the senses rather than just one (sight).

My work is constantly evolving, and I see my pieces as organic entities. I therefore do not work in periods, preferring to focus on the assimilation of concepts and elements. The creative journey is more important to me than the end product.  Addressing problems always ends up taking me down new paths or farther away from the initial idea.

Despite my mastery of several artistic techniques, I never try to mask the creative act. Rather, I enjoy revealing it or letting the artist’s process show through, allowing visitors to journey back to the source of the creation.

Over the years, I revisit, alter and update my works. In so doing, I try to achieve visual poetry or melody by deliberately (or not) creating rhythm, variations and fragments of texts that I incorporate onto the canvas surface. I want to encourage visitors to challenge our beliefs and values, without judgment.


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