Dance Workshops

L’Ensemble Folklorique de la Rivière Rouge offers workshops in schools and in the community!

Since its inception in 1947, L’Ensemble has been committed to promoting the French-Canadian “Joie de Vivre” through dance, song, music and theatrical performances. Over the years, the group has evolved and developed to now offer shows,  school programming, and the CCFM Dance School, which are all part of the CCFM programming.

The students will learn simple dances as “La Bastringue” and the “Talon-pointe”, as well as some basic jigging steps. They will also perfect the art of playing the spoons.

The moderator, dressed in period costume, will be happy to visit your school to present these workshops adding a special stamp either in regular classes during special celebrations or during other cultural or community events.

Target audience : Kindergarten to grade 12
Availability : during the school year
Number of participants : 50 students
Cost : $200 per workshop, minimum of 2 workshops (additional costs for travel and accommodation)
Duration : 45 minutes
Required materials : large room or hall with enough space to dance and a smooth, non-slippery surface


For more information or to reserve, call 204.233.8972, ext 421 or write to [email protected]