Coup de coeur francophone

Founded in Montreal in 1987, Coup de coeur francophone is a festival dedicated to the discovery and circulation of the song in its many expressions. Presented each year in November in Montreal as well as in nearly 45 Canadian cities, it brings together artists from the national and international scene in a program focused primarily on emergence, boldness and creation.

Suzanne Kennelly

A proud, long-time Manitoban, SUZANNE KENNELLY returns to the song after a successful career as a host on Radio-Canada. She is thrilled to be able to return to the Manitoba arts scene as a performer and songwriter.

Suzanne has launched the unique challenge of living jazz in French. Why? Because jazz, this magnificent child of the blues, feeds the artist in the instant and in the present moment. ” It’s the universe that makes my soul vibrate, ” she says. “Ephemeral and demanding, moving and liberating and the French language becomes the perfect instrument for me to explore the range of emotions that inhabit this music”.
In her warm and powerful voice, she plays in their French versions of the great American and international jazz classics, adapted folk songs and original compositions. A perfect mix of known tunes and repertoire just waiting to be discovered.

Suzanne also creates original jazz repertoire in French. The work of singer-songwriter is passionate. For her, jazz must continue to evolve, to adapt in form and in purpose.

Thursday november 16th 2017

Tickets: $12 student, $15 Adult
Tickets at the CCFM at 204.233.8972
Antoine-Gaborieau Hall
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Mehdi Cayenne and Damien Robitaille

Mehdi Cayenne is bilingual punk couscous. An intergalactic Pa-klow on the skin, serious and smiling. Tounes of sensitive guy with a je-ne-sais-quoi something weird, risky, vintage. It grooves funk, it screams pop then it whispers folk. Full band is a trio, solo is just Mehdi and his many personalities.

The 4th album of Damien Robitaille arrived in April 2017.

A festive, rhythmic album where the vocal harmonies pleasantly come to be married to the voice of the singer-songwriter.

So we find this beautiful mix on stage: beautiful voices, experienced musicians and an artist for whom, the scene, remains a huge playground.

Thursday November 23 at 8 pm
Tickets: $18 student and $25 Adult
Tickets at the CCFMLe jeudi 23 novembre à 20 h
Tickets at the CCFM at 204.233.8972
Antoine-Gaborieau Hall

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Saratoga and Sarah Toussaint Léveillé

When it was created in January 2015, the Saratoga project was bound to be circumstantial. The duo, made up of Chantal Archambault and Michel-Olivier Gasse, had thought it best to hit the road with the songs from both, but the hobby quickly took over.

Armed with a guitar and a double bass, Saratoga has seen Quebec in all its glory, with more than a hundred shows in theaters, improvised venues, parks and lounges.

With the mission of creating a meeting head-to-head each time, it is with great strokes of softness to the heart that the duo has won the hearts of the public.

Their mini-album, released in June 2015, won the GAMIQ Folk EP of the Year, and the couple won more than half of the prizes at the 2016 edition of Bourse Rideau.

Simple and touching, their complicity awakens the senses and leads you into a comfort zone from which you emerge smiling, and probably in love. It’s what we say.

Sarah Toussaint-Léveillé is a multi-disciplinary Quebec artist. Self-taught, she likes to surprise and refuses labels. She dresses her skeleton with several projects, several skins. Mainly author-composer-performer, she is also interested in film writing and directing.

In June 2016, she did a film training in Prague, where she wrote a short film for which she directed, produced and edited. His lyrics are imaginative, mixing surrealism with realism. Her second album, Death is a Wild Garden, which she co-directs with Socalled, puts forward a sincere and introspective poetry, supported by string arrangements that are both sweet and powerful.

La mort est un jardin sauvage in 2016 several recognitions, such as the prize « coup de cœur francophone québécois »Academy Charles Cros in France, two nominations to the ADISQ (author or composer of the year, taken his and mix of the year) and two nominations at GAMIQ (folk album of the year, public prize). She brings her album on stage in a quartet format, minimalist and haunting, with a double bass player, a cellist and a violinist, where she accompanies herself on the guitar, sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric. His performances are often contrasted.

When a song ends and the quartet lays its bow, the spontaneous and laughing interventions of this young artist contrast with the melancholy of her lyrics. It’s his way of inviting his audience into the living room of his head


Thrusday November 30 at 8pm
Tickets: $18 student and $25 Adult
Tickets at the CCFMLe jeudi 23 novembre à 20 h
Tickets at the CCFM at 204.233.8972
Antoine-Gaborieau Hall
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