Le Canot: c’est Hot!

Le Canot : the after-parties that will warm up at the CCFM

February 14,15,16,21 | 10:00pm to 2:00pm
CCFM | Antoine Gaborieau Hall | $10- $5 with festival pass

For the very special occasion that is the Festival du Voyageur, the CCFM buildings will be transformed into a musical ship, Le Canot , to become “The go-to place for the after-party”. For the 2020 edition, Le Canot will take you to unexplored musical lands, leaving unforgettable memories in your traveler’s mind.






Friday, Feb. 14

With over a decade in the industry, Mav-One has become recognized as one of the top open-format DJs to come out of Winnipeg, Canada. Whether playing at numerous nightclub residencies, underground dance parties, or Bboy battles — Mav-One seamlessly reads crowds and is known for captivating audiences with his creative style of blending multiple music genres. Armed with an arsenal of musical knowledge, technical skills and energy; It’s clear to see why he’s been invited to play world class events such as: Bastids BBQ, Motown on Mondays, and Jazz Fest — to name a few.




The F-Holes
Saturday, Feb. 15

Don’t be fooled by their ironic name, but rather witness their live performance, which skillfully blends the tones of country, Dixieland and Manitoba music.
They’ll rock your socks!





The Casual Tees
Sunday, Feb. 16


The Casual Tees take their inspiration from Rock/Folk/Funk sounds to create colourful music with a unique groove, at times bordering on the psychedelic rock of the 70’s hippie wave.





Dust Rhinos
Friday, Feb 21

The Rhinos throw the audience out of their seats and onto the dance floor in a controlled and addictive chaos… Where at the end of each concert, the audience ends up roaring: One more! One more!  When the Dust Rhinos are on stage, the only thing that won’t surprise you is how much fun you having.





Saturday, Feb. 22

HipShake wants to make you dance. Hailing from St.Boniface/St.Vital, these friends play R&B/Soul/Funk in both official languages. Their tight arrangements, three-part harmonies and high energy show will have you on the dance floor right from the get-go. HipShake is Léo Bérard, Pauline Courcelles-Chabot, Roberta Decock, Marc D’Eschambault and Marcel Druwé.  HipShake will have special guests Denise Comeault as well as Adam Owczar, Dave Barchyn and Evan Wilson (the Remedies horn section).




Centre culturel franco-manitobain
340 Boulevard Provencher
Winnipeg Manitoba