Folklorama – French Canadian pavilion 2018




Come discover the French Canadian culture and the legacy of francophones around the country : costumes, traditional dances performed by l’Ensemble folklorique de la Rivière Rouge, the history, but also our hearty dishes, such as the tourtière, the pea soup – and let’s not forget the poutine! All the ingredients of la Joie de vivre that defines French Canada.

Three shows per night, more infos soon.

Tickets available on!


Our ambassadors : Julien Beaudette-Loiselle, Janica Marion, Janelle Campagne and Jonas Desrosiers.

Looking back on 2017-2018…

… We must say, this was an incredible, busy, funny year. We had 5 exhibits with artists from all over Canada, we had some games screened at the CCFM for the first time (the Winnipeg Jets in playoff series and more recently the FIFA World Cup), we danced like crazy or chilled with about 50+ gigs (Mardi Jazz, Coups de coeur francophone)… And a lot of new memories.

Here are some pictures of what we thought were the highlights of this year.

Thanks to all of you for coming down at the CCFM, and see you in September!