Lost in Translation / Perdu en quoi ?

The 2nd etition of Lost in Translation / Perdu en quoi ?


What better way to celebrate Canadian comedy than to have an improv show in both official languages? We take the English improvisers and truck them over the river to meet the French improvisers from the Ligue d’improvisation du Manitoba on their own turf at the CCFM.

What kind of hilarious miscommunications will take place? It’s a battle of wits and tongues… no, not french kissing tongues… well, probably not.

Get your tickets fast! Last year the show was sold out.


Lynne Connelly
Caitlin Curtis
Dj Hunnicut
George Grenier
Eric Plamondon
Stephen Sim

Thursday, April 8 at 8 PM
Antoine-Gaborieau Hall
Tickets $10
Available at CCFM and the Gas Stations Arts Centre
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WCF 2016 poster LOST